About me

Hi there!

My name is Alexandra Sigorelho, I am 35 years, happily married and have two cute cats. I love to smile, dance and to help people make their dreams come true.

I've started as a wedding planner in 2010 and after many destination weddings my attention was turned into the ceremony itself. The romantic and intimate character of a symbolic blessing is what I really love in a wedding day! The path I took from wedding planner to celebrant was very smooth; I've started by translating civil ceremonies for destination weddings, from there and in a very natural way, I've started to conduct symbolic blessings.

Actually I am focused in conducting symbolic blessings in English and/or Portuguese and also translate civil ceremonies.

I believe that a symbolic blessing should reflect the Bride & Groom vision of the day. So the ceremonies I bring to life, along with the Bride & Groom, are very unique and special. The best thing on having a celebrant is that you can have a ceremony especially written for you.