Celebrate your wedding day in a unique and personal way

Alexandra Sigorelho

Love and Sunshine - A perfect combination!

Getting married in Portugal is the perfect way to start your Love Story. The Sun is shining, the food and wine are great and everybody just feels happy.

So did J&V and all their guests, this was a

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Have Courage and be Kind

                   - That's what the world needs - 

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World Wedding

When a French Groom and an Indian Bride decide to marry, this is the result - Celebrating Life :)

What a great wedding! Portugal Wedding Planners at their best!

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Dream Wedding

One thing I really like to do is to watch the Groom expression while waiting for the Bride - It always shows a mix of feelings and it's always the best expression in the world!

Love - Happiness - Excitement

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Another wedding season starting :)

It's true, I've been a little out and not giving much attention to my blog, but another wedding season is coming and I am very excited!!!

This year already started for me, with a great weeding at Penha Longa Resort,

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